Region I Infertility Prevention Project

Advisory Board

Region I Infertility Prevention Project Advisory Board

A Regional Advisory Board for the project was formed in February 1995 to develop guidelines and standards to assess and reduce the prevalence of chlamydia in Region I. The Region I Advisory Board is composed of representatives from the ten regional Title X family planning agencies, six state STD programs, and six state public health laboratories. Each agency has appointed one official representative to the Advisory Board, which consists of 22 members. The full Advisory Board meets at least twice a year and all representatives are expected to attend. Also attending the Advisory Board meetings are affiliated public health representatives including representatives from CDC, OPA, medical advisors to the board, and JSI infrastructure staff. These individuals do not take part in the decision-making process of the Advisory Board.

The primary role of the Advisory Board is to oversee and approve IPP activities, as well as to plan the necessary strategies for implementing the key areas of the regional plan. In order to address the specific key areas of the regional plan, four subcommittees have been established - Screening and Treatment, Data, Laboratory, and Executive Subcommittees.

Advisory Board Decision-Making

The Advisory Board does not have by-laws and it was decided at the start of this project that consensus rather than voting would be the method of decision making.

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From 1995-2012, JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. successfully served as the coordinator of the Region I Infertility Prevention Project (IPP). Further information about the Region I Infertility Prevention Project can be obtained on